Break Free From Mental & Spiritual Blocks To Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

The Only Science-base and Spiritual Charged Program for Top Performers.

No more guessing why you're self-sabotaging. Reset your subconscious beliefs and unlock your path to massive success and internal freedom. 

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If you feel there is something holding you back, Then you're in the right place...

  • Overcome Self-Sabotaging behaviors
  • Finally achieve your wildest dreams
  • Finding Love & Embrace True Connection
  • Rapidly Evolve Your Spiritually & Mental States
  • Live in complete abundance everyday of your life.

Welcome To Mind-Body Cohesion Therapy

Mind-Body Cohesion Therapy Program

The only program that rapidly multiplies your mental and spiritual growth by combining Advanced Brain Entrainment Technology, Kinesthetic-Energy Work, subconscious reprogramming, and Neuroactive Breath-work. To help you overcome subconscious blocks.

A new specialized scientific and spiritual approach to help you overcome subconscious blocks on a mental, cellular and spiritual level. 

This one-on-one private coaching program was created from 10+ years of expertise centered mental health research, advance physiology training, sacred energy practices, and powerful self-improvement methods.

Earla Tiffany Isaacs

Hi, I’m Earla Tiffany Isaacs, subconscious reprogramming expert, spiritual teacher and founder of Scivana, the science of nirvana.

I have worked privately with professional athletes, Fortune 500 executives, healers and teachers in the spiritual space toward one goal. To help them uncover the root-cause behind some self-sabotaging pattern that is keeping them stuck.

I created Mind-body Cohesion Therapy so I could bring these Life transformational techniques to amazing people like you.

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8 Advanced Skills.

4 Powerful Secrets.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Mind-Body Cohesion!

Decoding The Matrix

Unearth the Root-Cause Behind Your Self-Sabotaging Routines and How You Can Liberate yourself.

Engineering The Reset Button

Uncover how to Reset Negative Habits to Achieve Overall Self-Fulfillment that will Optimize your Sleep, Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

Attain Targeted Metamorphosis

Awaken your Indomitable Focus Through Unleashing Enhanced Productivity, Concentration, and Tenacity.

Internal Elemental Design

Discern the Secret to Stir Your Parasympathetic Response System on Demand and Experience Instantaneous Tranquility.

Learn Brainwave Elevation

Enhance Your Brain and Empower yourself to Realize Optimal Brainwave States at a Moment’s Notice.

Delineate Your Life’s Purpose

Awake Daily, Armed with Intentionality of Meaning and a Plan to Action.

Learn Philosophical Subtle-Body Design

Promote Enhanced Mind-Body Connection by Rousing A Powerful Source of Intuitive Potency.

Discover Elevated Internal Joy

Tap an Abundant Wellspring of Internal Delight that Energizes Every Facet of Your Life.

Emotional Mastery

Experience Reduced Anxiety, Unleashed Confidence and Freedom From Fear. Helping You Achieve Complete Emotional Balance.

Are You Ready to Tap in?

Utilize wisdom that combines advanced technology with sacred techniques and science-based discoveries. Schedule to talk to us now and ask whatever questions you have in real time.

Course Overview

How many of these statements sound like you?

  • You don't believe there is enough abundance for you too. So you limit yourself in a mindset of settling for your unhappy situation.
  • You know you deserve love, but you keep falling for toxic men/women and chasing away healthy relationships. You know deep inside what is good for you, but you feel like you aren’t enough to have what you want.
  • You know you are strong, but you keep making decisions that sabotage your own growth. As the breakthrough moment comes, you turn back choosing your comfort zone over change.

  • You know you can accomplish anything, but you have a heart full of fear. It wells up in your throat and chest and suppresses your potential.
  • You know you are capable, but you keep making excuses to avoid doing the work necessary to have the success you want in life. You have a plan, but lack execution.
  • You don't know why you are stuck. You feel a lack of control in your life, so you find yourself leaning into distracts because you feel like your situation maybe hopeless.

If these statements sound like you, I want to help.

The Problem

When you feed a negative pattern by not addressing it’s trigger point that pattern stays as an ever present blockage in your life. However, when you uproot the core meaning behind that painful pattern, it never shows up again, thus freeing you to live the life you choose. 

Your Solution

As you explore this program you will uncover more about what may be the root-cause of a blockage in your life, remember each person’s journey is individual and unique. When you take the step to help yourself, you set yourself apart from all the others. Tap into the profound layers of your physiological and metaphysical expanse, through analytic and holistic mental rewiring.

What People Are Saying

Aaron Abke

"Earla provides a space that feels safe and inviting. She uses gentle, loving guidance along with a sharp intuition to help memories and insights to surface from the subconscious. My session with her was not only profoundly impactful to me in the moment, but opened a door in me for clarity to continue to flow in the following days. I would recommend Earla’s services to anyone that is truly looking to find inner peace for their heart and healing for their past!"

- Aaron Abke, spiritual teacher

Deanne Richardson

"Thank you for helping our family to heal! Earla did some magnificent work with close family members of mine and from the inception we noticed immediate positive changes. As time goes by, the positive results become more noticeable. Earla created a safe space for them to speak their truth so that they could overcome some hidden underlying issues. I didn't think they would overcome it, but they did... and they love working with her!"

- Deanne Richardson, Founder of Zoetic Wellness

Candace Casady

"Working with Earla has launched a new level of accessing deeper healing. She creates a safe and inviting space, is extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, calming, and allows you to feel comfortable exploring this realm to heal. I was completely relaxed working with her and her guidance allowed me to feel safe to work with my SELF."

- Candace Casady, Women’s Trauma Healing Coach & founder of Sovereign Liberation

Here's How You Start


Let’s see if this program is a good fit for you. This program is 10 weeks of mental & spiritual commitment, including online and 1:1 coaching. See if you qualify, schedule a free 15 minute call now before space runs out! 


When you’re ready, enroll in our mind-body cohesion program. The first step is to schedule your 1:1 session. Then you get access to the modules, bonuses and email communication with Earla Tiffany so you can ask questions directly.

Start Evolving 

Once you’re enrolled, let the transformation begin! Best of all, you never lose access to this ever growing inventory of life changing content.

Are you ready to get started?

Meet The 4 Transformational Methods That Will Skyrocket Your Growth!

These weeks will arm you with key strategies for teaching you to "Rewire, Reframe, Reset" while simultaneously empowering your mind and body with powerful synergistic technologies so you can experience life the way it should be.

Subconscious Reprogramming

Simply put, subconscious reprogramming gives you direct access to the subconscious mind. This way you can fully understand what is running your unwanted behaviors and rewire your mind to become a better version for yourself.

Neuroactive Breath-work

This is designed to put your entire body into parasympathetic alignment and balance. These powerful techniques will supercharge every cell in your body and act as a reset button to your nervous system, allowing you to move into a low stress high energy state with ease.

Brain Entrainment Technology

Shortcut years of mental training using next level binaural beats, isochronic tones, and meticulously constructed auditory wave forms based on sacred geometry designed to rapidly sync your brain into the optimal state.

Kinesthetic Energy Work

This is the secret to unlocking potent transformational energy. This targeted technique helps you tap into the power of your subtle energetic body. You create incredible energetic flow within you in the same way that martial arts masters learn to channel their chi.

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Here's What You Get

Five stars

1:1 Coaching calls 

This is a deep dive into the rewiring of your subconscious mind. Through this I connect you to your core blockages and guide you towards total mental freedom. I have combined cutting-edge science based and spiritually charged modalities designed to produce a transformation in your life.

Mind-Body Cohesion Therapy Program

Access to a Plethora of Mind-Body Cohesion Videos

Each video skill is packed with science-based research, case studies, and easy to understand exercises. You can watch these videos as much as you want at home or on the go!

Includes everything you need to start optimizing your life and get out of your own way, with comprehensive guides, easy to follow exercises, custom journals, advanced brain entrainment tracks, guided subconscious reprogramming sessions, crystal clear lesson videos, and complete online support.

Is Mind-Body Cohesion Right For You?

After working with countless people over several years, my team and I have learned a lot about who can truly benefit from our mind-body cohesion program.

Who benefits from this program:

  • You’re driven to get more out of life and determined to understand why you self-sabotage
  • You want to find love, abundance, health and happiness in your life and need to create a plan that will actually help you attain these goals.
  • You’ve tried improving your habits in the past and are ready to accelerate the process by getting help.
  • You’re ready to get out of your own way and willing to try new things.
  • You want to reach your peak levels of mental and spiritual growth, and what helps create a foundation to that goal

This program is for someone who is consciously ready to step out of their own way and face the negative and conflicting patterns running their current thoughts and behaviors.

Mind-Body Cohesion NOT For:

  • You want a “quick fix”: Every behavioral pattern you are trying to change about yourself took a long time to be ingrained in your subconscious mind. The uprooting process will take time and discipline. Time takes care of the worry if you use that time to learn how to take care of yourself.
  • This is not for anyone who doesn't want to actually change their life. This is not your typical coaching program! This is a deep dive into the rewiring of your subconscious mind. Through this we connect you to your core blockages and guide you towards total mental freedom.

Are You Ready to Break Free From Mental & Spiritual Blocks ?

Jump on a Free 15 mins discovery call with me.

Learn more about the Mind-Body Cohesion Program, get your questions answered and see if we are a great fit.

What Makes This Program Different


I'm the only one combining advanced brain entrainment technology, kinesthetic energy work, subconscious reprogramming, and neuroactive, breath-work into one powerful program.


No matter where you are on your self-growth journey, this will help you. I've carefully structured this program for ease of use with custom growth roadmaps along the way.


I've created the professionally encoded audio required for brain entrainment. Many other tones aren’t properly encoded so all you get is a placebo effect.

What People Are Saying

Cody Crowley

"I feel like this type of education is what’s needed for a major shift in the human species at these troubling times we are in. It’s helped change my view and outlook on life. I went from suffering from depression and battling non stop issues on a daily basis, to waking up every day thriving to connect deeper with life and just being! Thank you Tiffany and Scivana for everything you have done and all the tools that I have learned from you! My life will never be the same, and I’m very happy about that! From “Surviving To Thriving”, you have changed my life."

- Cody Crowley, UFC Pro Boxer 19-0

Paul Reed

"I’m always open to learning and applying new, effective techniques to achieve and maintain balance in my daily life. The path I’ve chosen revolves around developing a lasting peace in my life. The Scivana approach aligns with this way of life. Those with a genuine desire to reacquaint themselves with their Essence, and learn how to live a more love-based life, should find benefit in Scivana's philosophy in my humble opinion. Combining ancient healing ceremonies, sacred plant medicines and supporting it with natural science just makes sense to me. "

- Paul Reed, Reiki Master & Teacher

Here is What We Will Cover

Discover 4 pillars to overcoming your subconscious blocks and their 3 levels of mastery that will help you reimagine the way you think about reaching your most audacious goals.


We Locate and uproot your core underlying beliefs about yourself, hidden within your subconscious mind. Through Subconscious Reprogramming combined with Neuroactive Breath-work and Metaphysical Techniques, you will learn what impedes you and how to let go.


No more limiting beliefs! You are free and your subconscious mind is aligned with you for your greatest good. Here we use kinesthetic energy-work to help you connect with the higher and lower aspects of yourself. As you embody this deep change mentally, physically and spiritually, your new limitless thoughts will begin to shape the very fabric of your reality.


Absolute clarity on your life’s mission with an in-depth focus on the Art of Manifestation. I use Auditory Brain Entrainment technology to help you successfully anchor in this new mindset. This allows you to feel completely empowered in this new state of being with advanced personalized routines and rituals to keep moving you forward!

(No more subconscious blocks... you’re free!)

Are You Ready to Release Old Patterns?


  • Having complete clarity about your unique life purpose (Owning your power.)
  • Eliminating any blocks, fears or barriers to your spiritual development.
  • Strengthening and increasing your inner-personal connection to self (Self-love in its truest form.)
  • Having enough, knowing you are enough, and confidently receiving all that is available to you. 
  • Transformational energy flowing freely within your mind and body.

All that and more awaits you, so let’s work together! Click the link below to receive more information about the Mind-body Cohesion Program.

Mind-Body Cohesion Therapy Program

It's Time to Unlock Your Limitations

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